Questions, questions and more questions…??

If you were asked to fill out a form with the following questions, what would you reply?  Take a moment and read over — what are your thoughts?  Don’t simply answer Yes or NO 

  • Do you believe that all things happen for a reason?
  • Is there a plan written out for everyone?
  • Do you have free will? Or is it just the appearance of free will?
  • It is chance when you meet someone or pre-planned?
  • Is there a fine line between coincidence and fate? They’re two words that describe different perspectives of the same events.
Here, then, is what I believe… 😉
  1. I believe all things happen for a reason whether it’s good or bad. There is no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. I believe we make our own plans in regards to careers, friendships and relationships. Life and death — I think that’s written out along the way.
  3. I believe I do have free will (the choices I make along the way, will determine how things fall into place).
  4. I believe if you’re meant to meet someone, it will happen eventually. They will come into your life for a purpose, it might be a quick visit or they might stay awhile.
  5. Coincidence and Fate — this one is a little difficult. Gathering my thoughts… O.K. there is a very fine line but I do believe some things can be purely coincidental. Why not!? There doesn’t have to be a reason all the time.
It seems as though we are always looking for an answer. We are definitely curious creatures. 😉
What about those…
People who pay hundreds of dollars to know what will happen in their future instead of living life day by day. Whatever happens, will happen but it does spark some curiosity. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Do you believe in fortune tellers and tarot cards?
  • Do you believe in palm readers?
  • Do you believe in Santeria?
I will not rant on about belief’s and religion because to each their own.   I respect everyone’s choice of religion whether I agree or not.   It’s not a discussion.  I just find it fascinating.
To be honest…
I’ve always been curious about palm reading, I even bought a book.  I don’t know how accurate it is but it makes for a great read. 😉  Yes, I even own a set of tarot cards. HA!
I met one person over a decade ago that said she had the ability but didn’t like to practice her gift because she didn’t like to give bad news.  I was a little taken back but she took my palm anyway and gave me a brief read about my long life and that I would have three kids but not with my current husband.   SAY WHAT!?  All of a sudden she let go and said she couldn’t continue.  I don’t know what she read or saw in my palm at that moment but I didn’t ask.   I never forgot that day and I don’t think I ever will.   That moment sparked my curiosity but to this day, I’ve never gone to get a full reading.   Although its fascinating, I don’t need to know what “might’ happen.
On that note….
Live your life to the fullest.   Tomorrow is never promised.  
Don’t forget.  Whatever happens, happens….
Peace & Love xox

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