Words with Friends (Addicting)

My anytime – pass time addiction, Words with Friends.  Kudos to Zynga. 😉  I play anytime, anywhere, at any hour.  I just love it.  I’m currently playing six games, yes, at the same time.  It keeps me entertained and challenged.  😉  Do you want to play?   My user name is justmelly.

Yesterday,  I was playing against a friend and because I formed a word starting with the letter Q on a triple word he accused me of cheating.  Excuse me!? It was not a typical word such as Quit, Quiz, Quick, Quote – well you get the point.  It was the word QophThis game is about strategy and of course knowing your vocabulary.  When I have a chance to play a triple word, I will scramble, shuffle and use all my letters and make words that I have never heard before and try my luck. I am not going to miss my chance of getting ahead in score if I only focus on words that I know.  Guess what, Qoph was a lucky shot.

Qoph – the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  I learned something knew.  YAY for me.

My friend sent me a private message saying “shocking!…I’m gonna start to cheat too!”    Like I told him, “what would be the point in cheating – it’s just a game.  Sometimes you win, sometimes I win.”   If I was cheating, I would win every single game – all the time and that’s not the case.

Like I mentioned before, this game is about strategy, sometimes you have no choice but to place a word near a TW – TL – DW and if your opponent forms a word, oh well, you get them next time.  Win or lose, it’s just a game.  Get over it!

If you haven’t played, try it.  You will not be disappointed.  Apps are available for Iphone and Android.  😉 😉

Totally Addicting!!

Until later.. Peace & Love xoxo


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