Shut Up! Stop Complaining!

If you don’t like something about your life or relationship, then makes the changes you want to see but PLEASE STOP complaining about it.  It gets pretty old to hear the same things over and over again and then 3, 4, 5 years down the road you’re still complaining about the same petty little things. Can you even have a conversation without saying anything negative?  

Do you think your friends and family want to hear you complain about everything — NO, they don’t care.  Actually, no one really cares about your problems because everyone has problems of their own they have to deal with.  The only difference is that they don’t bitch about it to everyone they meet.  #truth  Somethings are better left unsaid…

Why not try being grateful for the things you do have right now.  Have you even thought about it?  Get rid of the negative and infuse your life with the positive.  Who cares if you’re overweight? {that’s your fault, no one made you eat those cookies.}   Who cares if you don’t like your job? {if you hate it so much, quit and find something else to do.  85% ppl hate their job.}  Who cares that you have baby mama drama? {no one told you to marry a man with baggage.} Who cares that you’re married to a sports fanatic. {that’s your man’s “me” time — leave him alone, if you don’t watching sports — make it a girls day/night.}  Who cares if your man is a gambler. {if you don’t like it, ask him to stop — and if it’s out of control, seek guidance.}    My point is that NO ONE CARES, no one needs to hear your constant complaints on the same bullshit.  If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.  There is a solution for every problem.

Today’s blog is NOT and I repeat it’s NOT directed at anyone I know personally.  It’s just me VENTING!! 😉

It’s O.K. to vent once in a while with friends and family — its human nature –but if you’re complaining about the same trivial things over and over all the time, don’t be surprised when people start to keep their distance.   I guarantee you, you are being tuned out.

I have been at the other end of a constant complainers conversation and believe me when I tell you, after getting an ear full, I’m ready for a bottle of Merlot.  I use to give my opinions {bad idea} but now I just shake my head and say “so sorry.”    I know some people can’t help themselves, it’s just the way they are.  But… You know what’s hilarious, is that these constant complainers, complain, about their other friends who constantly complain. Seriously? How could you not see that you’re exactly the same? HA!

Here is a list of the five most common type of complainers:

The WhinerThe whiner complains about life not being fair. They only whine about why they never get a break, why do bad things only happen to me…. blah blah blah

The Martyr: The martyr’s favorite phrase is, “No one appreciates me.” Martyrs are experts at having pity parties for themselves. They want everyone to know about all the stress they are under, all that they are doing and how no one ever really helps them out.

The CynicThe cynic has resigned himself that nothing will ever change. This is just the best it will ever get. Why bother trying to do anything differently?  Everything is meaningless, nothing matters, and it will never change so why try.

The PerfectionistFor the nit-picking perfectionist nothing is ever good enough. Nit-picking perfectionists pride themselves on being able to find the flaws in anything that is done. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you will never please them.

The Negative NellyNegative Nelly can see the cloud behind every silver lining. They have a negative comment about everything. A favorite saying of the negative Nelly is, “I’m not trying to depress you…I’m just being realistic.” Or, “I’m just being honest.”

There is a difference between someone who is genuinely talking about a problem and someone who is a constant complainer. When someone has a genuine problem, he or she desires a solution to this problem and will listen and evaluate the solutions you offer. A constant complainer really doesn’t want a solution. All they really want to do is whine, complain and play the martyr.  If you don’t say what they want to hear, they get mad at you.  They drain the positive right out of you.


After reading the list, where do your constant complainers fall into? Now, where is my duct tape? HA!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xxox


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