No, Speak, English…

As if going to work wasn’t adventurous enough, today, someone was calling from the front office and I happen to pick up this call – Me: Good Morning, How may I help you?  Other: Me, Driver, SunSpeed. OMG – I wanted to giggle so bad. {Imagine a deep heavy accent non-speaking English hispanic male on the other side.}  Me: No problem Sir, I will be right there.  I opened the door, smiled and gave him the documents.  I can’t believe I didn’t start cracking up. 😉 

It definitely made my morning but it also made me think about those people who work in Florida and manage with just a few words.  I live in Miami, where the Cuban population out number any other race but even so, speaking English is the universal language and should be mandatory.  It doesn’t have to perfect but just enough to defend themselves.  This is my opinion so please don’t bite my head off. 😉

I am not making fun of this man, on the contrary, I admire him for not speaking in Spanish. The fact that he was trying and saying a few words in English, is fantastic.  Practice makes perfect!  I know many people who have been here 30++ years and still don’t understand a simple Hello.  It’s quite sad to be honest.

Did you know that in other countries, in order to get a residency you must speak their native language. They give you one year to learn the language?  Can you imagine if that law applied here in the United States?

What are your thoughts?

Until later… Peace & Love xox


One thought on “No, Speak, English…

  1. Thanks for everything. I read that article and share it in my own web site. i think you read and think about this subject too much. Congrulations.

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