Women who get pregnant to keep a man!

One of my favorite playground rhymes, that goes: Max and Mia sitting in a tree K- I- S- S -I -N- G, First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes Mia with a baby carriage.  It’s a fun rhyme used by kids to tease other kids.  Oh the good ol’days.  HA!


It was cute when you were kids and playing in the sand box but now as adults you can’t expect it to be the same.  Just because you have a man in your life does not mean that a marriage proposal will soon come and you’ll be at Babies-R-Us preparing your gift registry.  If talking marriage scares your partner, can you imagine if you mention kids — call the ambulance, because he just had a heart attack.

I’ve heard some horror stories about women faking pregnancies, poking holes in condoms, pretending to be on the pill — all lies just to get pregnant, so he doesn’t leave her or worse for monetary purposes.   It’s sad but true.

It’s unfortunate that some men have fallen victim to these type of women.  It’s quite disgusting in my opinion.  Why would you want to be with a man who doesn’t want you and now you want to bring an innocent child into a broken relationship?   You may only succeed in getting his money and that’s if he has any.  You are now a single mother, alone, miserable and back where you started.  Not the results you were looking for right!?

I took the question to my timeline – Do you know of anyone who got pregnant just to keep a man?

Ladies, if you are in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going forward — sit your man down and get on the same page but don’t lie and be deceitful just to make him stay. You will regret it!! Everything has its course – give it time.   If it’s meant to be, it will be.

We can agree to disagree as usual.

Until tomorrow.. Peace & Love xox


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