Patriots defeat Broncos

It was like a train wreck but I couldn’t look away.  I kept on waiting for a miraculous intervention but there was none.  The game was literally over at half time.  Patriots defeat Broncos 45 – 10 

Tom Brady set the record with 5 touchdowns in the first half — now that was impressive. The game had just started with less than 2 minutes into game – pass was thrown — TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS!  Wait, What?  I had to rewind to watch it again… Brady is amazing!

“We came in and started fast and it was a big win for us,” said Brady, who even got off a 48-yard punt on third down.

“I have no idea about records and stuff like that. Anytime you score 45, obviously with the help of our defense, and special teams played great — hopefully we can go out next week and play even better.”

Patriots came to win — NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!  They needed to prove themselves, they have not won a playoff game since 2007.

The Broncos on the other hand, seemed to be completely off their game.   One bad mistake after the other. Could it have been the chilling cold weather? Brrrr — Whatever it was, they were not in sync and fell flat.  I was very disappointed in their sportsmanship towards the Patriots —  Although, It’s a sad day for the Broncos, Tebow,turned that team around and led them to the AFC Division playoffs and for that they should be proud.  See you next season!

Until later… Peace & Love xox


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