I’m back well part of me is….

Did you miss me?  Don’t lie, you know you did.  I’ve missed myself. HA!  I feel like I have been out of my body looking down on myself screaming “Wake up, Melissa — snap out of it.”  I am going on week number two of feeling terrible.  This cold is killing me.  ::cough cough::  Despite being sick, I still found the time to give you some babble but for the past two days; I have been leaving my house early in the morning and not returning until after 9:00pm.  Can you say “EXHAUSTED”?  My tired is tired.  I logged on yesterday and started to write something but then got lost in thought and erased it.  I started again, wrote another 20 words and then erased it.  Who was I kidding?  It was 10:30pm and I could barely keep my eyes open — there was no way the words were going to flow easily.  I just logged off without a second thought.  Tomorrow is another day.

So here we are today, I’m feeling about 75% better despite having the worst night ever almost went to the emergency room bad but thank goodness I was able to go back to bed and sleep it off.  So enough about me being sick. ::cough cough:: 😉

I don’t know about you but I love logging into my msn in the mornings and having my today headlines pop up.  There is always something interesting to read.  Let’s see what sparks my curiosity today.

Today’s Top five:

  1. What Hairstyles reveal to men.
  2. Girl, 3, goes face-to-face with lion.
  3. ‘Spider-man’ & Emma Stone go public.
  4. 3 ‘harmless’ habits that aren’t.
  5. How to be clutter free in 2012.

O.K.  let’s take a moment to review each headline.

  1. Woman are definitely a great mystery to men so you can only imagine the look on their face when they see our different & unique hairstyles.  Some girls like the pixie cut, others like it long and layered, some like to add a variety of different colors all at once.  You get the point – we are all different, but whether its long, short, straight or curly men have their own opinions — well the ones who think about it.   This is what I gathered in a few words: Mullets-definite NO, Dip-dyed hair-Unstable, Long and wavy-Sexy, Too long-Messy, Bobby pinned OLD, Mid-length-just right, Natural hair texture-simple and natural, Messy top knot-NO ‘Isn’t that what they do to wash their face?”, Super short – low maintenance, Braided-Sweet and innocent, Bob-fashionable, Sophisticated updo- very Sexy, Celebrity inspired-distracting “Is that Snooki?”

2.   This video is too cute not share.  This little girl is fearless, she stares him down and even kisses the glass which makes the lion angry.  A definite must see.


3.  I’m not very interested in the Romance report but if you want to read about Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield, Lady Gaga, Pink & Carey, Vanessa Hudgens or LeAnn Rimes here is the link:  Knock yourself out…


4.  O.K. now this is interesting – you will be surprised, 3 harmless habits.  1. Showering with contacts — seriously? So I have to fumble in the shower looking for the soap?  Yes, although tap water is safe for drinking and showering it can contain a bacteria that aren’t safe for the eyes. Then it’s not safe for my skin. ;/  I’m not surprised that 98% of people don’t follow safe contact use.  Yup — I am one of those people. YIKES!    2. Charring Steak – who doesn’t like their steak a little blackened?  Apparently blackening your steaks creates carcinogens and according to grilling experts charring meat, poultry or fish causes the formation of the heterocyclic amines, or HCSs, that are linked to cancer.  This is alarming — please look up those words and you will be in shock!.  3. Substituting splenda for sugar can lead to overeating — it confuses your body, causing it to release inadequate levels of the hormones that tell you to stop eating.  I use splenda in the morning with my cup of joe but I don’t feel that I over eat or stop eating for that matter.  Interesting none the less..

5. Sorry, I have absolutely nothing to say on de-cluttering.  BLAH BLAH



This concludes today’s babble — hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. ::cough cough:: 😉

Until tomorrow.. Peace & Love xox


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