Childhood Obesity

Did you know that Georgia ranks second in the nation for childhood obesity? Nearly 1 million, or 40 percent, of kids in Georgia are considered overweight or obese. There is also 75 percent of parents who are not aware that there is a problem.  Really?  As a parent, can you not see your own child is overweight?  That’s a very high percentage if you ask me.   It’s a grave issue that really needs to be addressed but how should it be done?  I came across the following ad and I was in shock. Has the gravity of the situation reached the point where ads like this are necessary?

According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years.  You can communicate an issue without shamming people.  Children who are overweight get enough humiliation at school from other kids.  How do you think it will make them feel to see ads like this?  Ads like this lack a message of what should be done to solve the problem.  The OAC {Obesity Action Coalition} believes “that the inappropriate messaging could lead to bullying.” One of the statements that the OAC found humiliating for overweight children read, “Big bones didn’t make me this way. Big meals did.”   <—– What do you think about this statement? 

I am not a parent and I don’t know how hectic your day-to-day routine is but you need to be aware of what your kids are eating.  Make the time for outdoor play.  Put the kids in active sports.  Babies {new-born – 1 years old} are adorable when they a chunkers but when they grow up and they continue to get bigger you will be singing a different tune if they develop diabetes or hypertension.  There are too many health risk related issues with childhood obesity.

I know many parents who are severely overweight and the kids are heading in that same direction.  So who’s to blame?  A couple of months ago I read an on-line article and heard on the news about a mother whose child {third grader — 200 lbs} was taken from her and put in foster care because they believe it was health neglect on her part.  I think this is a little extreme but at the same time you have to ask; Why did the mother allow her son to gain so much weight?  I don’t believe the system needs to take your child away but simply provide them with help.  Counselor, Nutritionist, Personal trainers anything that will help with the process.  Rome wasn’t built-in a day so you can’t expect a 200 lb kid to lose it over night.  It’s going to be a long and slow process.  Tears will be shed.

I remember that as a child, I wasn’t raised on fast food but good healthy home-made meals.  Believe it or not it does make all the difference.  I’m not saying that I never had McDonald’s or Burger King those treats were saved for the weekend and not every weekend for that matter.  I played outside every opportunity I got but then again there was only Atari and no handheld video games.  It was definitely different times.

Do you have children that are overweight or obese?  If yes, please seek help.  You don’t know if they are hurting inside because they are ashamed. Communication is Key!

Little changes can make a big difference.  Eat and stay healthy. Stay active.

Until tomorrow… Peace and Love xox


2 thoughts on “Childhood Obesity

    • My kids spend more time outside than they do inside…Parents need to get their kids away from the stupid video games and television and buy them a bike or a basketball hoop.

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