What gives them the right…

I am sick and tired of hearing about celebrities refusing to pay bills and think they are above everyone else.  What gives them the right?  We constantly hear or read about these celebrities over and over again. {Remember Mr. Alec Baldwin refusing to turn off his cellular when the flight attendant asked for everyone to turn off all electronic devices.}  News Flash — you are only human and not better than anybody.   You wouldn’t be in the position you were in if you didn’t have the support of “US” the mere common folk who pay money to watch you act in a movie or play a sport so please get off your high horse.   I am only referring to those celebrities with a chip on their shoulder.  There are many great people in Hollywood who are giving and remain humble and true to themselves.

I am married to a man whose been in the limo and body-guard business for many years and the stories I’ve heard about some of these A-listers are not very nice. {What happens in a limo stays in the limo.}  I’m not going to mention any names but if they require a service they have to pay for it.  What gives them the right to refuse to pay a company just because of their name?  There are some companies that don’t care because they become popular by association but others need to get paid with money and not publicity.  What’s the point in having publicity, all the other celebs will want the same ‘free treatment’ when they are recommended.  You need to draw the line somewhere.  If you’re a multi-million dollar company and want to provide a discount then go right ahead but don’t give them free service.  They can afford to pay a mere transfer and tip the drivers.   I do know that sometimes it’s the agent/assistant’s making all the decisions but these celebrities need to be more aware that their people are taking advantage of the situation.

Celebrities are walking billboards and get paid for it. It is part of their job and that’s the life they chose.  They live under constant scrutiny from the press and media. They probably didn’t sign up for it but it comes with the territory.  Unfortunately we live in a time that people look up and aspire to be like these celebrities.  It’s not always glitz and glamour as it may seem.

What upsets me are those celebs eating at a restaurant or at the VIP lounge, ordering five bottles of the finest champagne and then not wanting to pay the bill at the end. Why not?  What about those waiters who worked to accommodate your needs?  What happens to their tip?  Don’t they deserve to get paid? Believe it or not, it has happened.  There is no reason why you need skip out on any bill unless it was complimentary.   If that’s the case, please tip your waiter/waitress.  Again, I am NOT referring to all celebrities.

On a different note:  What about those superstars that get dragged in the dirt?  How clueless are they? Makes you wonder??

Today, I read an article about Lebron James, NBA superstar {Miami Heat}.  He was celebrating his birthday last weekend at the Shelborne South Beach.  The hotel hired a baker to make a five-tier $3,000 cake for James’ party in return for some free publicity for her Passion for Pastry business. Apparently, it seems that Lebron’s people upon viewing cake #1 was not pleased and hired another baker.

Cake #1: Cake #2:

Lebron’s people opted for the second cake which in my opinion is the best choice but now baker#1 is upset and is demanding payment.  Keyword: Hotel hired her so they are responsible for making payment, not Lebron James.  I don’t think I am wrong.  It is clearly the responsibility of the hotel. This is what also happens when you’re a known public figure — your name gets dragged in the dirt for something you don’t have control over.  It makes you wonder if he knew anything about this issue until the article came out?   Whatever the case, he isn’t at fault and baker #1 should have known better than to accept invaluable promotion over payment.

Although my rant today is about celebrities it is not limited to those people out there who don’t have a pot to piss in {excuse my french} and do the same things.  Mind your manners!!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox

To read full article, please click on link below.



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