Excitement turned sour…

I was all smiles yesterday morning, sipping my latte and writing about the chill in the air; excited that the temperature was going to dip into the 30’s and I was going to rock my fabulous white coat…blah blah blah — My excitement quickly turned sour. 😦  

A few hours later my throat started hurting, my body was aching and I had a fever. How could this be? Was I getting sick, again? I just got over a cold several weeks ago. Wait a minute!? I know why I’m sick again, my hubs germs are everywhere. He’s been sick for more than a week now.  Ugh.  How did I not see this coming? This is just insane!  I hate being sick, AGAIN!!!  

I’m now sick during a very hectic week (year-end) — not a great way to start!  It was a terrible day at work, I don’t even know where I gathered the strength to be there eight hours.   Headache:check: Body aches:check: Sore throat:check:  Fever:check:  Chest congestion:check:  I was miserable!

Dear God,

Please please, let me feel better tomorrow.

Love, Me.

Mr. Robitussin please help me sleep tonight.  Being sick sucks — GOOD NIGHT!!

Looking on the brighter side {as a friend suggested} at least I was not sick during the holidays. Very true, thank you 😉

Until tomorrow…hopefully with something more exciting. If not, I will return when I’m feeling better.

Peace & Love xoxo


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