A cool chill in the air…

There is a chill in the air which is lovely and tomorrow we are expected to have weather in the 30’s — which is a great and much-needed change.  Our Christmas holiday was in the 80’s. it was hot and humid {yuck}.  I wish this weather would last more than a couple of days but this is to be expected when you live in South Florida.  I am looking forward to wearing my fabulous white coat. 😉  Despite living in the sunshine state, I usually travel in the winter which means I’m always shopping for something new — not that I need an excuse to buy a coat.  I love coats and scarfs and sweaters and wraps — well all things winter.  Don’t judge! 😉

Love these winter days, skin feels radiant and my hair looks amazing {no frizz}.  I would probably sing a different tune if I woke up to my car buried underneath two feet of snow but since that’s not the case; I will enjoy the next few days of cooler weather & wearing all my favorite winter accessories. Happy happy Joy joy. \o/

Looking forward to beautiful weather but not looking forward to traffic and work tomorrow.  Let the daily grind begin.  It’s going to be a long and hectic week but I’m ready.  New year, fresh start and a new ME. 😉  Just keep smiling… just keep smiling… keeps people wondering what you’re up too. HA!

Happy day two of 2012… Have a great week!

It’s time to cuddle and drink some hot cocoa.  😉 😉

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox


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