Happy New Year!

There was no glitz and glamour or lots of champagne just a quiet night with my best friend and family.  It had been many years since I’ve spent a quiet New Years but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything in the world except to have my hubs by my side but he was working.  You see, he is a driver and body-guard and when his clients are in town – work is work. It’ s just part of the job.  While he lives it up, I get to enjoy all the crazy stories afterward. 😉

At midnight, as we watched the ball drop we ate our 12 grapes, drank some apple cider and gave our blessings.  My best friend even walked the block with her luggage for more travel and fortune. Don’t you just love NYE traditions. 😉 I wish for her and her family only the best in 2012.  They deserve it!

The neighborhood was full of fireworks and I think some people even started a new tradition.  We saw them light paper lanterns and send them off in the sky.  I said a wish as I saw each one but don’t tell anyone.(ja ja)  It was simply beautiful.

It’s amazing how different my life was a year ago but I lived and learned and I’m happy with the changes.  I got rid of all the unwanted negativity or they got rid of me (LOL) but even so, I have NO regrets! Out with the old and in with the new.  New Year, fresh start – new beginnings.

May your 2012 be filled with much happiness, good health and prosperity.

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxx


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