Drivers slow down…

It seems as though everyday, people in Miami, are driving more reckless. What is going on? I was out and about running some errands and I had cars cutting me off, not putting their signals, breaking on my bumper, swerving side to side. It wasn’t even rush hour, it was 3:00pm.  Why are some people so aggressive? Relax —– You are going to get there!

It is ridiculous what you see these days. Women putting on make-up (mascara, eyeliner) while driving (wait until you stop at a red light).  People reading the paper, shaving, [hope they run out of battery.. HA], adding sugar to their coffee (then they wonder how they got dirty and burned themselves all before making it to the office). Now the most popular thing to do while driving is texting, all it takes a quick glance at your phone for you to cause an accident.  If you need to text someone, please pull over or wait until you stop at a red light. It’s simple enough but no one gets it right until they are the victim or cause the accident.

Driving is a privilege not a right!

Ding ding ding…

I am guilty of drivtexting but it’s only when I stop at a light. {I need to stop this, it’s very easy to get caught up in the conversation and not realize the light turned green then it pisses me off when people HONK at me..LOL}  O.K. O.K. I probably deserved the honk. 😉

I have been driving for a long time now and have seen the following drivers.  Which category would you fall into?

1. Slow Pokes, are people who drive 5 to 10 miles below the speed limit.  Not limited to people older than 60.  If you drive slow, get out of the fast lane.

2. {Instant}Beepers/Honkers, are people who as soon as the light turns green they HONK, BEEP and want to run over you. I suggest going really slow…. this will get them really mad. 😉

3. Tailgaters, are people who ride your bumper until you move out the way.  Stop riding my ass, I will only move if it’s an ambulance.  I don’t think they will like it if I braked abruptly.

4. Brake Slammers, are people who slam their breaks for no apparent reason while on the open road with no cars in front of them while going 60 mph.  If you are scared, get off the road.  

5. Peddle Pushers, are those young men in muscle cars (or beat up corollas) who rev their engines when at a stop or light.  They don’t know how stupid they look.  Saving the racing for the race track.

6. Floor Pickers, are people who are always looking for something on the floor of their car trying to pick something up instead of keeping their eyes on the road.

7. Undecisive Lane chooser, are people who can’t decide which lane they want to be in.  Constantly changing lanes and without notice.  Sometimes they take up two lanes.   DECIDE ALREADY!

Please feel free to add more, I’m sure I left out a few other annoying drivers.

Drive safe and slow it down…. no need to put the pedal to the metal {unless it’s a real emergency but please be cautious.}   It’s not you, it’s everyone else.

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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