13 Ways of Looking at Yourself

I was reading the November 2011 issue of O and came across of fun article which has inspired my interpretation of “13 Ways of Looking at My Body.”   After I read the article, it made me think of self-reflection and how I see myself.    If you know me, then you know I love taking pictures && yes of myself.  If only I got a dollar every time someone called me “vain”…  LOL

1. Standing in front of a mirror. 

I was trying on a dress the night before a party.  I loved the way it looked {well at the moment but ask me the next day and I would say I looked like a cow.} Why is that?  I am definitely my worst critic.  {Take a moment, go stand in front of a full length mirror clothed or nude(if you’re daring) and snap away.}  What do you see?

2. Looking at my toes when I’m wearing a fabulous color.

There is nothing sexier than having your feet done. {MEN WILL NOTICE}  I can’t stand to see women wearing sandals and their toe polish is half gone.  YUCK!  That is just plain ugly.

3. Catching my reflection as I’m walking by a shop or car window.

I was at breakfast with the hubs and bestie and her car windows are huge and of course I just had to take a picture.  I don’t need a reason…

4.  Taking a picture while holding my dog.

My Sasha was sleeping on my chest (you can see the back of her head). She is just adorable.  Also if you look —–> you can see her better.  😉  {well scroll up a little and look to your right.}

5.  While rocking some red lipstick.

My inner DIVA was screaming to come out that day.  I was trying out a new shade of red and let my inner bitch get the best of me.  Red lips are so sexy!  Have fun with your make-up.  Try new colors.  You will be surprised.

6.  Wearing sunglasses. 

This is not my only picture with sunglasses, I have millions…lol   Something about wearing sunglasses that completes a look.  Gives you a little mystery… ‘Who has that girl.’  Keep the sunglasses only for outdoor events…

7.   Wearing a hat.

Hats, hats and more hats… I love it! Rainy days, sunny days or when I’m feeling blue.  I put on a hat and wham instant smile.. 😉

8.  Rocking a new ring.

I love jewelry and when I find a piece that calls out to me, I just have to buy it.  Simple, classy – just beautiful.  Taking a hand shot: Please make sure your hands look nice and no chipped nail color.

9.  After a hair cut.

I took this while waiting for someone impatiently outside, just had my hair done, rocking a fab scarf and of course my shades.  That was my “What you looking at, look.” 😉   I wish I could have my hair stylist magically appear every time I washed my hair to finish it of with a blow dry. He is amazing!

10.  While getting my hair dyed.

I am a nut for taking a pic of myself while my hair is tucked in a shower cap (stop laughing). It’s a process and I got bored. Don’t judge! Anyway, Who gets their hair done in heels?  I do!   Very Classy huh? 😉

11.  With my Iphone using my befunky app.

Took this picture on my birthday and used the Befunky app.  I love the lomo art effect.   That handsome man is my hubs. 😉 I love that my hair looks jet black and by the way, thats my natural hair color (shhh)

12.  Taking a picture of lashes

I love lashes, you already know this.  This was the day after an event and my added lashes were still looking good.  I have natural long full lashes but I love adding more for a more dramatic look.  It’s all about the eyes.  It’s the gateway to the soul..right!?

13.  Rocking a cute scarf. 

Something about wearing a scarf that makes you feel so sexy and elegant.   Want to glam up an outfit, just throw on a scarf and you’re good to go.  With so many textures and styles you can’t go wrong.


After self-reflecting, this is who I am.  I am happy with my looks (my eyes, my hands, my toes, my everything) despite my plump ass. {HA HA}  I don’t need to hide myself from the world.  I am proud of my hips and curves and even my freckles.

Ladies, embrace your inner girlie girl, have fun with hair and makeup and dress up.  Always wear heels – not only does it make you look longer and leaner but it makes you feel sexy.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Who cares if you have a little extra junk in the trunk.  If you’re not happy about it, then make the changes you want to see.  Stop hiding behind the dog while taking pictures, or scared to look at a glimpse of your reflection while walking pass a store window.  If you don’t like the picture the first time, take a million more. 😉  Don’t let yourself go and always take care of yourself.

Be happy, be you.

You can call me “vain” now…

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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