Keep the magic alive.

It’s just something about Christmas and it’s magic.  Just ask the kids… Have you ever noticed how happy children are during the holidays? I love it.  The way their eyes light up when they hear the name Santa Claus.  The excitement that overcomes them while writing their letters to Santa. {There should be a one page limit ;)} Waking up in the morning all excited just to see what naughty things the Elves were up too. {Those elves get into all sorts of trouble.} Preparing the milk and cookies. {What about some brownies…} They just light up with joy. 🙂

Oh to be a kid again… I wish!

I don’t think it’s wrong for parents to lead their children on to still believe in Santa.  Why not? I think it’s sweet, I can imagine the joy a parent feels when they see their children’s eyes light up. My only advice is that you teach them the real meaning of Christmas.  It’s a time to spend with your loved ones, to appreciate and be grateful for everything you have.  Teach them to be humble and give back to those kids who are less fortunate.

Keep the magic alive within them, enjoy their innocence and imagination as long as you can because they will outgrow it. They will find out the truth from an older sibling or a friend at school. Just be prepared to give them an explanation and wipe their tears. 😦

There is nothing in the world more precious than the love that one human being gives to another, that is the one gift in life you can’t put price on.
Wishing you all a joyous Holiday season
Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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