A much needed break…

Took a break for a few days to relax, unwind and celebrate my 36th birthday.  There were no whistles and horns or lots of balloons, just a nice dinner with the hubs at The Dutch in the W Hotel South Beach.  Yes, I’m a bit spoiled. 🙂  It was a fantastic evening.  The drinks were flowing and I was all smiles.  My evening ended the next morning at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.(OH Joey!)  {Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…}

I am 36 years old. I still can’t believe it…  As I sit here and reflect on my life, I can honestly say that I hold no regrets, just lessons learned.  This year I re-learned a few lessons.

  • People will disappoint you.
  • Friends come and go.
  • Letting go isn’t easy.

Things always happen for the best.  There is always a reason…

  • Never take anything for granted.
  • Love the ones who treat you right.
  • Life is wonderful.
  • I love myself just the way I am.

Time has a wonderful way of showing you what really matters.  Thank you, God!

I look forward to a new year being a little bit more wiser.  😉

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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