I just have to laugh…blockblockblock

Blockblockblockblock – It’s one of those days that my head is spinning and I can’t gather my thoughts. I remember having an English professor in highschool that always said “If the words are not coming keep writing the word block‘ until you get unblocked.” Funny as that may sound, it does work at times. 😉

My day was quite busy… work, work and more work {more like blah blah blah}.  What else is there to say, its called ‘work’ for a reason right…JA JA.  I was there eight hours and it felt like I didn’t accomplish anything{have you had one of those days…}.  I was also in a meeting for an hour which didn’t help but tomorrow is another day.  Blockblockblockblockblockblock.  Snap out of it Melissa, get your head in the game.  Me: O.K. inner voice, leave me alone.

I’m not in the best of moods to say, my mother surprised me with a nice dinner to celebrate day two of my birthday {not upset with mom}.  Did I mention my birthday is December 16th? {doing the happy dance \o/}.  I started celebrating just a few days early…why not!? 🙂  Well getting back to the point, as I’m getting to my mom’s house, Joey (my hubs) receives a call from his brother asking him to pick-up his parents from the airport which is about 45 mins away.  WTF {screaming} is that… Why didn’t he call him earlier in the day to plan ahead?  I’m not upset that he has to pick up his parents but his brother loves to take advantage. If he knew he had the responsibility to pick them up, he shouldn’t  have scheduled any work at that time.  He expects everyone to do him favors and if you refuse… OH MY GOD, it’s the end of the world in his eyes.  It’s funny, but when you need him for anything, he is always too busy.  So needless to say, my hubs couldn’t enjoy his meal {not happy}.  I told him that I would stay at my mom’s enjoying her lovely dinner. Now I have to wait until he returns {tick tock}. I’m not upset, i’m not upset, im not upset.  Blockblockblockblock blockblockblock  I hate when the words are not flowing.  I’m here staring at the screen and my head is at a million different other places…. #shakingmyhead

I just have to laugh….blockblockblockblock ;(

Tomorrow is another day… Peace & Love xox


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