What’s in my Bag!?

Today’s fun post is inspired by US Weekly’s {What’s in your bag?} and yesterday’s event at the Muvico. 😉

I was at the movies yesterday afternoon and my hubby ordered combo #1 which is a large soda and a large popcorn {did I mention} that was $14.00 – NOT KIDDING! Ridiculous if you ask me, but that’s besides the point, the young girl behind the counter was handing the popcorn to my hubby when she stumbles and some (A LOT) of the popcorn go falling into my open Louis Vuitton hand bag. You could only imagine the look on my face. It would’ve been worse if it was the soda or ‘buttered’ popcorn {thank goodness it wasn’t}. Poor girl apologized to me about a thousand times. I just smiled and said it was “O.K” just please hand me that garbage can so I can clean out my bag. ;(

I dumped out my bag to properly clean it out and this is what I found… Oh my!

  • Wallet {omg, so many freaking receipts…}
  • Tic tacs and gum {this is a must in everyone’s bag.}
  • Floss {always a must}
  • Vaseline {for my lips, nothing uglier than chapped lips}
  • Work badge (did you notice the leopard strap..jeje}
  • Photos from photo booth {US being silly.}
  • Lipgloss {of course}
  • Perfume {i always smell good} 🙂
  • Hair clips {for those days that I need my hair away from my face.}
  • Nail file {I like smooth edges..}
  • Eyeliner {Have to glam up my eyes…}
  • Matches/lighter {I don’t even smoke, pro my hubby threw them in their for his cigars.} eeekk
  • Midol {Only needed every 28 days..lol}
  • House keys {Never leave home without them.} 😉
  • Change, change & more change {I don’t know why I can never find change when I do need it.  Me: probably because it’s buried at the bottom of your purse.} LOL
  • Vitamin C halls {Sometimes you need a dose of it.}
  • Ankle support {I have a bad ankle and sometimes I just need it.}

The bigger the bag the more stuff you accumulate {YOU THINK} so maybe I should say “thank you” to that young girl who spilled the popcorn if not I wouldn’t have found all my loose change. JA JA

If you’re like me and love large purses, take a moment and clean it out.  You’ll be surprised in what you find.

What’s In Your Bag?

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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