25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

Since it’s Friday, Let’s have some fun!!   Here are 25 random things you didn’t know about me.  Well maybe 🙂

  1. I love kitchen appliances and gadgets but I hate to cook.  {Is that possible?}
  2. I always cut my burgers in half and my sandwiches in quarters. Don’t judge.
  3. I talk to my mother everyday.
  4. I love purses and shoes.
  5. I wish I was a MOM. {God, I’m ready, please answer my prayers.}
  6. I love to read.  I read everything…
  7. I wanted to be a Motorcycle Cop when I was a little girl. {Can you imagine?}
  8. Mascara and eyelash curler is a must.
  1. I love to glam up my eyes with eyelashes, so much fun to rock but a pain in the ass to apply. 😉
  2. I take a bubble bath everyday.  I always find the time.
  3. My favorite childhood song is ‘Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary’ {Just ask Mom}
  4. I love love taking pictures – I currently have 1753 pics on my IPhone. {yikes}
  5. I love leopard and zebra prints – subtle pieces
  6. I love hats
  1. I love to write {Are you reading my daily babble?}
  2. Planning on writing a book soon. 🙂
  3. My biggest pet peeve is people who don’t answer their messages.
  4. I secretly love my mummy statue.  I’m just drawn to it.
  1. My name is Greek and it means honeybee {that’s why I’m so sweet..jaja}
  2. I struggle with my weight but I LOVE MYSELF just the way I am.
  3. I love Frogs {my brother nicknamed me ‘frog’ when I was little and to this day he still calls me that.}
  4. I bead my own bracelets {crafty huh}
  1. I love love to buy journals – there is just something about those blank pages that I’m drawn too.
  2. I love Orchids.  Beautiful, Elegant & Simple {wait a minute, did I just describe myself..JA JA}
  3. I read my horoscope everyday {I’m just curious,}

Now it’s your turn, take out a blank piece of paper and write 25 random things about yourself.  Post it, blog it, Facebook it… Enjoy!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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