Don’t ask if you’re not prepared to hear the truth!?

Don’t ask if you’re not prepared to hear the truth? A phrase easy to say but so hard to follow.  How many times have you asked a question and expected a different answer? It’s funny that I mention this because I’m the first person to say, don’t ask if you can’t handle the truth but today I stand on the other side of a conversation where I was slapped with the truth.

I wasn’t expecting my friend to say that my ‘Holiday stress babble’ was non interesting enough.  I snapped at him and said “Well it wasn’t interesting for you because you don’t stress the holidays and it was a suggested topic“.  He then said “Your audience isn’t just one person it’s everyone.” O.K. my daily babble is what I choose it to be, I can’t expect to know what EVERYONE wants to read about. There are times that I choose a topic or request a suggestion.  I then have the choice to write about what I want.   Like I told him. “If you want to read something interesting, then suggest a topic, stop telling me you want to read something exciting.”   O.K. got that off my chest –  I feel better now. LOL    It’s not usually how I react to feedback but it’s his opinion and I respect it. #Thankyou.  I welcome all criticism.  I am new to this blogging and every day I learn a little more.  I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone.

What do you say when a friend ask you how they look? That awkward moment when your bestie ask you, how does this outfit look?  Are you honest? I’m honest and give her my opinion and simply tell her, if you feel confident then rock it girl!  Do you avoid the question so you don’t hurt their feelings? I don’t avoid it because they will continue to ask… Don’t just blurt it out, be gentle and find the right words.  You don’t need to hurt her feelings.  What does your spouse tell you when you ask if you look fat?  Mine says “You’re voluptuous, not fat.”  I just look at him and laugh – good answer babe! 😉

When asking the tough questions…

  • Be open.  Be prepared to hear the things you don’t want to hear.  If you don’t want to hear the answer; Don’t ask the question.
  • Be Objective. Don’t be emotional.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen – don’t just hear “It sucked” listen for the reason.

At the end of the day, whatever words are uttered, it will sting slightly – it’s simply human nature.

Thank you for the good and bad feedback.  Please continue to be honest. 😉

Until tomorrow… Peace & love xox


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