“wen somebody pisses u off and out of nowere u scream out dont let me get in my zone dnt let me get in my zone bitch dnt let me get in my zone soo fuk off itz funny az fuk.”  It upsets me whenever I see sentences written in this form.  These kids think they are cool when they write in slang, it’s just plain stupid and ignorant.  Learn to write and speak correctly!!  ::screaming::   Times have definitely changed since I was young.

We now live in a time that texting is popular and texting codes are often used but the sentence written above is just plain stupid.  I was on Facebook and read that status from a young boy I know. {I’m not going to lie, it pissed me off.} When did the letter ‘z’ replace the ‘s’ in {it’s or as}? What is “wen” the correct word is “WHEN”, the letter ‘u’ should not replace the word ‘YOU’.  The rest of the errors are clearly visible.  I wonder if he writes like this all the time or just for fun?  It makes me wonder… {when it doubt, SPELL CHECK}

You don’t need to follow the crowd to be cool. Who cares if your friends are talking and writing in slang.  You don’t have to adapt this bad habit.  Be yourself, don’t follow the crowd, you’ll end up lost in it.  Keep in mind that SMART=SEXY!

These days…

It’s very easy to get caught up in texting writing styles {net lingo}… LOL, WTH, WTF, FML, LMAO, GR8, LT8,TTYL, SMH  and so many others. There are thousands of web pages dedicated to texting codes. {google} I’m not referring to HTML codes, this a whole different subject.

It’s quite amazing the amount of pages on the subject.  I sometimes find myself searching for meanings on new codes I see. #curious.  I feel the need to be caught up so when I’m in conversation with someone 15 yrs younger, I will know exactly what they are talking about.{I don’t want to feel so old.} 😉

I’m not going to lie, I use text codes and cute smileys all the time when texting (it’s faster) with friends but it’s just for fun.  I don’t write everything in abbreviations and expect the person to decipher my writings.  Besides, I am an adult not a teenager. {I’m talking about kids/teenagers these days.}

I know kids will be kids and they have a language of their own amongst themselves, but I’m just hopeful they don’t use their slang in class assignments.  I’m going to ask a few of my friends who are teachers if they have that problem. I’m curious now. 🙂 <— smiley code used..haha

I don’t have any children of my own but if you do, take a notice in your kids writing style and see if it’s just for fun or a bad habit that needs to be addressed.  Just a thought!


Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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