Tis the Season… Good, Bad and re-Gifts…

I remember the first time I received a ‘re-gift’. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a beautiful crystal bowl {what a minute, I gave her this bowl a couple of years ago}.  Oh my goodness – did she really just “re-gift” it back to me?  I was in total shock.  I accepted the gift graciously and with a smile but on the inside I was hurt and disappointed.  Maybe it was her old age but none the less her actions were not pretty.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to buy anything if you don’t want too.  It should come from the heart and not the storage closet with unwanted gifts. #laughing.  I feel like the words “It’s the thought that counts.” is screaming in my head. #shhhh

I’m very appreciative and thankful for everything I receive and no gift is ever too small.  The fact that you thought about me and bought me something, means the world to me.

I was 18 years old, when I received my first ever used,worn and old gift.  I’m at a family Christmas Eve party and it’s their tradition that at mid-night gifts are exchanged. {This is not my family.} I’m sitting around having a great time seeing everyone’s faces light up with joy {gifts make people so happy.} when I noticed the hostess run into her bedroom and then comes out five minutes later and hands me a little white box.  Me: Thank you but.. Her: It’s just a little something. Me: O.K. {She is now standing over me, wanting me to open it}  I opened the box and it was a pair of earring that a woman in her 40’s would wear {remember I was just 18}.  They looked old and worn out.  I smiled and said thank you and placed the box in my purse. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?  Her intentions might have been good but her actions were not pretty.  Say what you want, but there are some things that people should not do.

Those are the only two bad experiences I’ve been through and for that reason I do not re-gift or give used items as gifts.  This is just me.

If you choose to re-gift, please make sure you don’t return it to the person who gave it to you. 😉 Do not give your used and old items as gifts – NO NO NO – THERE IS NO EXCUSE!.  {I am talking about Christmas gift giving.}  If you choose to clean out your closet and jewelry drawer and give your unwanted  items away then that’s different it’s technically not a gift,gift.

 The most meaningful gift(s) vary from person to person.  I asked my Facebook friends and Betty I. wrote “Rosary from my friend Luly!” – Raymond B: “The gift of Life.” – Betty R.: “The gift of Friendship.” – Lucy C.: “Wedding jewelry from her daughter on Mother’s day.”   You see, it doesn’t matter if the gift is something material or not, it has meaning for the person receiving it.  Thank you for sharing with me. 

I also asked what they thought were their worst gifts: Lucy C. said “Vacuum cleaner and exercise bike.” Oh my goodness – I giggled and thought what are they trying to tell her.  ‘Clean the house and workout’…. I feel bad for that person… LOL.  Betty R. and Raymond B. said they received all gifts graciously and didn’t recall any bad ones. {Fantastic!} && my best friend Betty I. recalls the moment when she received an old worn pearl necklace that had turned yellow.  {I know the feeling girlfriend.}  At the end of the day, whatever gift is received you must accept with a smile.  No one is perfect and someone people just try too hard. 😉

&& the one gift that keeps on giving over and over again: MISTLETOE!  {kissy-kissy}

So if you’re shopping for your friends and family – make a list, check it twice and give a gift from the heart. {If you have their wish list it will definitely make things easier..jeje} && When it doubt – Gift card!

Happy Shopping!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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