It’s the most wonderful time of year…

It’s the first day of December, and the weather in Miami, is just fabulous (even if it’s for a day or two). 😉  I love this time of year because everyone seems to be in good spirits.  Full of joy and cheer.   It’s just something about the cool weather, holiday music,bright lights, big fat Santa decorations,fat jolly snowman and candy canes that put people in a good mood!  #smiling 😉 😉 

There is also something about this time of year that makes me sad.  I’m not going to lie, I’m also a bah humbug {sometimes}.   Christmas isn’t about giving/receiving gifts or decoration contests.  What happen to being grateful and giving thanks?  So many people have lost the true meaning of Christmas.  It’s not about buying the most expensive gifts and expecting the same in return.  It’s not mandatory to give any gifts.  In the old days, people baked and made home-made simple gifts and everyone was content.   I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I didn’t write Santa Claus a two page gift request. It was a one page letter with a few simple toys. There wasn’t an abundance of  gifts under the tree – maybe a few for each.  I was always a happy little girl.  I was raised humble and simple. As I got older – things changed but the spirit and meaning of Christmas remained the same.  It was more about being with the family then material things.  {TIMES HAVE DEFINITELY CHANGED}    I want it ALL now… LOL   Santa, I was a good girl all year, please please get me a new apple laptop! :hint hint: #laughing

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
He’s making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice 😉

A few personal quotes: Enjoy!

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year….

“It means being together with family & friends, eating pasteles, arroz con gandules, drinking egg nog, and last but certainly not least is remembering Christ in CHRISTmas.” – R.B.

“The born of Jesus and enjoy in it with family and friends eating, drinking and singing under a fireplace!! Of course we need a fake fireplace, we are in Florida!” B.I.

“Happiness , peace, love with God in your heart!” D.V.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

My favorite Christmas song is: The Christmas Song(Chestnuts are roasting-Nat King Cole.)

Susan Feliciano-Pacheco White Christmas

Raymond Belanger ‎”Santa Claus and his Old Lady” by Cheech & Chong

Carolyn Centeno River by Sarah McLachlan

Betty Izquierdo Uhhh!! Last Christmas from George Michael!! Sooo old but love it

Andrew Romero Let it snow!

Michelle Fernandez Baby it’s cold outside and Oh Holy night!!!!

I just love to read my friend’s comments.  Thank you so much for making me smile!

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season full of Joy, Happiness, Peace and Love.

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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