What did you Dream last night?

Some people believe that all dreams mean something while others believe ‘a dream is just a dream’. What do you believe?

I don’t remember each dream and sometimes I don’t think I have any (it’s only because I don’t remember) but the ones I remember intrigue me.  I’m curious, why would I remember some details and not all.  There has to be a meaning, right?  I own several books on the subject.   They’re all different but still very interesting.   Let’s compare each one.  I will only provide the brief explanation.

Did you know: The 3 Most Common Dream symbols are Water, House & Vehicle. 


  • A: The Illustrated Dream Dictionary
  • B: Parkers’ Complete Book of Dreams
  • C: So, What Did You Dream Last Night?

Dreaming with water:  Deals with Emotions

A. Clear and calm this is a good omen.  But rough or murky and problems are ahead.  Drink water and you are in for some good luck, but spill or throw it and you are going to have to control that temper.  Hot water predicts social setbacks, but running it’s a sign of lasting happiness.  You are in for a pay raise if you see a waterfall.  Anything being watered forecast exciting events.

B. DREAMS IN WHICH WATER plays a considerable part are often concerned with the dreamer’s emotional life.  The reason for this is obscure, but psychologists have suggested that it has connections with the amniotic fluid in which we float in the womb.  It is not by accident that the water of a well has always represented wisdom.

C. Water in dreams symbolizes the emotional realm.  While water is a common element to everyone’s dreams, we of the fairer sex, being the emotional creatures that we are, dream of water an awful lot! Just as the oceans ebb and flow, so do our emotions and so do the fluids of our bodies.  Water can be cleansing and refreshing just as it can be overwhelming and threatening.  The condition of the water in our dreams will mirror the state of our emotions and for us gals, the state of our cycles,

Dreaming with a House:  represents “The Self”

A. An old one predicts a reunion with someone.  A new one is an omen of financial security.  See a house being built and you will get an unexpected gain.  Buy a house and a short, but pleasant, love affair is on the horizon.  Sell one and you will be released from some responsibility.  Watch a house being demolished and you are grieving over a loss, probably a broken relationship.  You’ll get over it quicker than you think.

B. In this book there are several different aspects. I will only share two.  1. Buildings in Dreams often represent the body or personality of the dreamer, or the lovers or family of the dreamer.  A building may also represent the intellect or understanding: people about to begin new work many dream of exploring new, unfamiliar rooms in  a well-known house.  These rooms represent unexplored potential.  2. Home: A Dream of Home often relates to our sense of emotional of financial security.  You many be nostalgic for the past, and from such dreams you may learn how to relate the past to your present life,or life in the future.  It is common for elderly people to dream of their childhood home, especially if their early family life was happy.

C. Houses in dreams are the dwelling place of the soul. They symbolize our self, our state of mind.  The type of house, the condition of the house and even the rooms in the house comment on what is going on within our psyche.

Dreaming with a vehicle: Relates to your self

A. Car see also:Driving.  Buy one and you’re about to get an unsavoury reputation for something.  Do you really have to do it? See a car and you could owe someone money.  Driving: See yourself in the driving sear and it’s a warning not to gamble for at least a few weeks.  See someone else doing the driving and you will have a stroke of money luck. 

B. MALE DREAMS OF CARS are almost invariably associated with sex.  For women, however, dreams of a car often seem to be connected with feelings of self-respect and ambition, and may also be related to antagonism toward male chauvinism,

C. Shows how you are traveling through life or through a particular situation.  A speeding car is a good indication you need to slow down and take it easy in waking life.  A car with no brakes means you are having difficulty putting the brakes on something.  A crashing car may indicate you are headed for a crash, a rude awakening.  An out of control car means you have lost control of something in your life.  A car that won’t start indicates you are having trouble getting things up and running.  It’s always good to be in the driver seat of your car, it means you are in control.

It’s a mysterious and fascinating world, where the rules of reality do not apply. What do you believe?  If you have dreamed about any of the symbols mentioned above, how do you feel?  What are your thoughts? Does it make sense to you? *Please keep in mind, there is a lot more information provided in the books.*

Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers it.  You can have up to seven dreams. #amazing.

If you are interested, I suggest you buy yourself a book or search the web.  Great read! 😉

Did you know:

Types of Dreams: Daydreams, Lucid Dreams, Nightmares, Recurring Dreams, Healing Dreams, Prophetic Dreams, Signal Dreams, Epic Dreams –

The most common dreams: Naked, Chase, Teeth, Flying, Falling and Test Dreams.

I believe there is a reason behind a dream you can vividly remember.  (Time to pull out the Dream Dictionary.)

&& Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxx


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