Black Friday

Black Friday, is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  Let the madness begin…  Yes, there is even a song. #crazy. 😉

“It’s Friday, Friday – Gotta get down on Friday, Everybody’s  lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend Friday,  Friday – Gettin’ down on  Friday, Everybody’s lookin’  forward to the weekend.”
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a little confused:

I hear people complaining about the economy all the time but today on Black Friday, they spare no expense.  Wait a minute?  You were just telling me how difficult things are but now you’re waiting in line to buy a TV?  O.K. did I miss something?  How can you justify not paying the light bill because you were buying a TV?  I will never understand. – Well that’s just me.  😉 

What’s even more crazy are those people who camp out days before Black Friday just to get their hands on one of the first 10 to 15 tickets for a TV or computer.  I’ve seen the specials and who wouldn’t be tempted.  Great prices, savings in the hundreds..but not worth camping out days in advance.   If you do your research, you will be able to find great deals everywhere.  We can agree to disagree.

Today, I read an article in The Nuevo Herald, that a women in L.A. used pepper spray to gain first access to the discounted items.  I could not believe that she would put people in harm’s way just to have first pick.  Wal-mart is fairly less expensive than any other store.  They always have good deals.  It’s just plain and simple craziness!! Everyone making those long lines are there to get the same deals – Be considerate.   Besides, there is only a limited number of sale items per store available.  Blenders for $3.00 – there isn’t going to be more than 10 on the shelf even if they a full container load in the back.  That’s how they make their money.  It’s just business.

There is nothing wrong with doing all your shopping on Black Friday. Some people save money all summer just to get all their shopping done in one day. (It’s a sport for them.)  They will save hundred of dollars and avoid the madness in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I’m just appalled at the extreme measures people will take.  There is no need to trample, push, shove, yell, curse, or pepper spray anyone just to be the first in line.  Everyone wants to save money!! 

I, personally, will not go shopping today.  My holiday list gets shorter every year (LOL) so for me, it’s not a big fuss.  It’s great for me because I don’t have a large family and don’t have kids but If it that wasn’t the case – I think I would definitely be one of those people running around getting all the best deals I can especially on toys and electronics 🙂

If you are shopping today – please go in pairs, be aware of your surrounding.  Be extra careful with your purse, make sure keys are in hand before walking out the mall.  Thieves love this time of year. BE CAUTIOUS!

For my cyber-shoppers: Please limit your card usage on-line.  Hackers are in full effect.  Monitor your account for any unusual charges.

It’s the most wonderful time of year…. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Until tomorrow…. Peace & Love xoxo

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