It’s a day to give Thanks…

Ask a woman what Thanksgiving is and she might give you a brief history of the pilgrims and natives and ask a man what they think and they will probably say turkey and football. 🙂 #laughing.

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate with family and friends and be thankful for everything you have.   You and your family eat, drink, watch a game, listen to holiday classics, reminisce, eat some more – well you get the idea.  It’s a day to be grateful and joyous!

I give thanks everyday for all my blessings but today my heart is filled with gratitude for my hubs, our family, our true friends, our health and life.  We are truly blessed. #grateful.

A few personal quotes: What are you “Thankful” for?

Special thanks to everyone who participated.

“Thankful for being blessed with a loving family and good friends.” Wanda Plaza

“My health,my family, my job…many,many things!” – Ray Rodriguez

“Simple my parents and my babies.” – Isabel Escuela

“I am thankful for being able to see the beauty in life and learn and grow from every day experiences in order to live each day better than the last.” – Cristy Estevez Fernandez

“I am thankful for all the positive things in my life.” – W.W

“Am thankful for been alive and be able to wake up every morning for  my parents, my friends and you!” – Betty Izqueirdo

“Life.” – Vanessa Linares-Sanchez

“I’m thankful for everyday!! And of course family and friends… And wine and chocolate!” – Debralee Lebron

“For so many things but most of all for my babies, parents, siblings, and friends!” – Eunice Laracuenta-Acosta

“….for the gift of life.” – Raymond Belanger

“For everything. Even the bad that has made me stronger.” – Alyce Ramirez

“I am thankful for God’s unconditional love, my family, and friends.” – Lourdes Beatriz Cueto

“I’m thankful for God giving me the greatest gifts of all- of being a mother of 3 wonderful, precious, and healthy kids.” – Ruth Belanger

“I give thanks for my family.” – Damaris Velez

“I am thankful because I have a wonderful-beutiful healthy family.” – Jose Velasquez

“I am thankful to have been able to have had an aunt as wonderful as she was. She was strong and beautiful!!! RIP Tia!  I am thankful for having the family that I have, especially my parents, GOD bless them both!….I am thankful for having good health! And most of all I am thankful for having a wonderful man next to me to share every step of this wonderful, passionate and lovely journey that we are have together!” – Michelle Fernandez

“My family, and friends.” – Clara Cruz-Sed

“Long Lasting Friends like U.” – Saskia Cruz

“I am most thankful for my son, his wife and their two children. This is family. I am also most thankful for my friends and this includes you and your husband. I love you guys” – Mike Gooch

It brings me great joy to read everyone’s comments. – Thank you! 

Be grateful today and always.

Wishing you and your loved one’s a very Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless you always.

“May your stuffing be tasty May your turkey plump, May your potatoes and gravy Have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off your thighs!”

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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