I want my Honey Baked ham NOW!! – Please?

It was total madness at The Honey Baked Ham today.  It was my first visit (honestly) and I couldn’t believe the lines.   I had never gone with my husband and I thought he was kidding when he warned me.  He was not kidding!!  AWWWW {thinking}  he made those lines just to please me year after year. {extra points}  I always get what I want... 😉

I didn’t mind that it was hot, I was wearing heels (of course) or that I’m super sick.  I was in a trance – with the smell of honey baked hams. la la la  YAY! I finally have my ham in hands – but now I have to form another never-ending line just to pay for it?  ::ANSI::  Why isn’t this line moving – come on cashiers – move it, move it.  The aroma that kept me in a trance has now faded.  I’m irritated, its muggy, a kid is screaming.  I wanted OUT!  {remember, i’m super sick} but once I paid and walked out from under that tent, I was fine again. hmmm my ham smells so good – just one bite. hmmm hmmmm hmmm good! 

Doesn’t it look delicious! (It’s amazing)   Don’t touch the screen….   I must say, it was definitely worth the wait.  Next year, Joey can go without me and I’ll wait at home for my honey baked ham. 😉  Happy Eating!!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxox


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