I defeated the Eyelashes….

After fighting with my lashes and making a sticky mess – I am satisfied with the end result. {picture – as promised}  I didn’t let them defeat me.  HA 😉

It’s definitely not an easy task but well worth it at the end.  Although I have natural long lashes, I love to add in more to make my eyes even more expressive.  I say it all with my eyes. {Those who know me, can tell you…}

My mascara and eyelash curler and the products I can’t live without.  Even if you’re not wearing any make-up just a little mascara and a light gloss and you’re good to go.  Natural look without all the fuss.  😉 

False Eyelashes range from light, medium and thick density (Extra short – long)  You can choose from Color, Glow in the Dark, Decorated, Mystic (fiercely edgy) & individual lashes.  With so many styles to choose from, don’t be afraid to experiment.   Have fun with them.  For me, it’s all about the eyes!    They say it’s the gateway to the soul… 🙂

These lashes will last a day or two (I’m still wearing them) they are coming off today! LOL  If you’re looking for something that will last more than a week, try lash extensions.  They are fantastic but please do your research and make sure you get them done by a professional.   These are placed one at a time with a special adhesive.  NEVER EVER RIP THEM OFF, YOU WILL REMOVE YOUR OWN LASH.   There is a special remover but if you lack patience – DON’T ATTEMPT AT HOME!!

{The things we do for beauty.}

Happy EYE Lashing ….

Until later… Peace & Love xoxox


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