Health-care, Human right or Service?

I thought it was going to be easy to write about this topic .  I was completely wrong.  It’s a very sensitive subject for many but these are my thoughts and opinions. #keepanopenmind

For me: Health care is both a human right and a service.   

What are Human rights? The fundamental rights that humans have by the fact of being human, and that are neither created nor can be abrogated by any government  Yeah, that’s what I said: Look it up. 😉

I believe that basic health-care services should be provided to everyone regardless of economic status because preventive care is the best way to catch a problem before it get’s worse. #healthyliving.  This basic health-care service should be free of charge for all human beings.  These services would be and not limited to treating the most common viral infections – such as your common cold & flu, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Basic would cover some prescriptions, blood work & even emergency x-ray – The very basic.  Just to get to the root cause of the problem.   This could be the traditional type of insurance and then they could have the managed type which will require a fair payment for all other medical procedures.  Health-related procedures, not your common nose job, breast implant, face-lift.  You get the point! 😉

a little history:

“Basic health insurance was introduced to the public in 1694 by Hugh the Elder Chamberlen. In the nineteenth century, people could purchase accident insurance,  which is basically what we know as disability insurance. In 1850, health  insurance was first offered in the United States by the Franklin Health  Assurance Company of Massachusetts to cover those who worked in the railroad and  steamboat industry in case of accidents. Basic health insurance plans weren’t offered by companies until about 1911. Before these types of medical insurance policies  were introduced, people were expected to pay for all health-related services at the time rendered. In the 1920s, hospitals offered prepayment plans, which led  to the organization of the Blue Cross insurance company.”   

The government has been charging for health insurance even before our parents were even born.  This will be an ongoing issue for many years to come.  I don’t agree with the President, he is proposing a bill to “Fine” everyone who goes to get medical attention and does not have insurance.  That is just absurd. What about those people who lost their jobs and can’t afford medical insurance anymore?  What about those people who went from full-time to part-time and the insurance increased 100%? He clearly isn’t thinking like your average Joe. Well, he wouldn’t understand the outrageous premium amounts – he is covered by the government.  PLEASE VOTE FOR CHANGE!  

What happened to humanity?  What happened to helping the patient first? A person should never be turned away from the hospital just because they don’t have insurance.  It’s a sad world we are living.

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”   

It’s a topic to be continued on a later date.

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox

Betty R. if you are reading this – I will blog out your topic tomorrow. 😉


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