The Doctor is in…

I wonder if I should start charging to hear people’s problems!? Perhaps set up a booth like Lucy in Charlie Brown. LOL 😉  The Doctor is in … please tell me what’s on your mind.  I will be able to cure you.  It may seem like a joke but how many people seek you out to talk to about their problems and get advice.  You don’t charge them to give them your opinion, right!?  Exactly, you sit and listen with an open mind (if you have one) and give them the best possible advice.

I have met many people who without knowing me have felt so comfortable (like if they were in a therapy session) that they could tell me anything (&& I mean anything).  OK, clearly the Dr. is in sign is blinking on forehead – How can I be of service? (saying to myself).  I have always listened without judgement and have given them my honest opinion and advice.  Some of them have stayed and today are good friends and others were just visiting and have left my life.  People come and go just like patients seeing a Dr.

I wonder, when they are telling me about their marital problems, business issues, secret romances etc.. if they are actually hearing what is coming out of their mouth.  How could you tell a person you just met, that you are having an affair?  Excuse me!? What do you say to that!?  To be honest, it doesn’t phase me.  No is perfect, people make mistakes. In my opinion, somethings should be left unspoken.  If I were a psychiatrist – I would be taking notes and asking the questions and passing a tissue.  


What I know for sure, is that everyone needs someone to talk to.   Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to a complete stranger.   So, the next time someone is trying to talk to you, please take a moment to listen and offer them some comfort.  Maybe they just want someone to listen but if they ask for advice, please be objective.

For those who are always complaining about their life just be cautious who you are talking too.  Not everyone is your friend and can be trusted with sensitive information.  You can ask for advice without giving too many details. (Keep that in mind.)

To my dear friends (you know who you are), If you ever need to talk – I am here to listen (free of charge) THE DOCTOR IS IN. 😉  I love you.

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox


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