Why Do We Lie to Ourselves?

I recently read the article ‘The 7 Lies We Tell Ourselves.’  It made me think: Was I absolutely certain about things that might not actually be true?    Let’s see…

1.  I wish I could do _______, but I can’t.   Fill in the blank and think about your answer.  Does “I can’t” really mean I don’t want to.   I think it’s easier to tell yourself you can’t do something because you’re not willing to put effort or just scared of failing.   You have to take a risk not set yourself short.   You can do anything you set your mind too.

2.  I deserve this desert…  Or these shoes. Or this purse. Or this car. Or…whatever.  I read this line and wondered – seriously?  Of course I deserve those shoes and purses – lol (BTW – I added those items to the sentence – shhhh)   Could it be that I was really hiding my real feelings with momentary comforts?  Really?   I believe that if I work hard I deserve a treat, why not?   I am not talking about eating a cupcake after having a stressful day.  I’m talking about after a long work week buying some fabulous heels..lol  &&  I do know the know the difference between ‘I want’ and ‘I need’ 😉 😉  “I want those heels”

3. I have no willpower.    I have never said this to myself #truth.  I know everyone has willpower but I can see many people telling themselves this lie.  Just take it one step at a time – Rome was not built-in a day.

4.  I’ll never get over it.   “We’re not necessarily conscious of how rapidly we recover from adversity.”  I believe it all depends on the stressful event.  Do you really get over anything?  Or do you re-press the memory?   We are all wired differently – I think it depends on the person and the circumstance.

5.  I’m definitely right“It’s called the basic bias—the idea that everyone else is biased, but we’re  not.”  The belief that you know best and that you’ve got all the facts prevents  you from even listening to evidence that you’re wrong—that your memory is wrong,  your perception is wrong, your explanation is wrong. It’s self-damaging, in that  it keeps you stuck within the confines of what you think you know, and “it also makes you a miserable person to be with.”  – I believe this sums it up.   Everyone tells themselves this lie, we all believe we are right!  lol

6.  I don’t judge people.  Guilty, guilty, guilty – YES YOU DO!  We all do.  How many times have you looked at someone and sized them up without even knowing them? (subconsciously) “Although when we do this, it’s ourselves that we’re judging, really, more than the other person.” “We’re trying to figure out how we fit in.”  I don’t know about these statements but I don’t think I’m judging myself or am I?  I don’t agree…

7If only I had a million dollars, I’d fulfill my dreams and do _____.   Think about this statement for a minute but first take a piece of paper out and list your top five dreams – now read over your list – Do you really need a million dollars to fulfill any dream you listed? I think not!  Yes, money is required to open any business but if you have a vision and a will – you will make your dreams a reality.   Don’t rely only on the lotto to make your dreams happen.   If you want something, you need to make it happen for yourself.

Click on link below if you want to read full article. 😉

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love. xox

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/oprahs-lifeclass/The-7-Lies-We-Tell-Ourselves-Jancee-Dunn#ixzz1dLs4Z6Uq


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