OMG you are so FAT… SAY WHAT!?

It’s that awkward moment when someone says to you “What happened, you are so FAT.”   Say what?  How do you react!?  Do you get upset & want to punch them in the face!? (maybe) Hmmm The devil on the left says: “Yeah bitch, it’s called life – so what – Have you taken a look in the mirror lately you too could lose a few pounds.”  The angel on the right says: “Yes, it’s called the good life AND!?.” #walkingawaysmiling   The angel always wins, I won’t argue with stupidity.  Who made them the weight police… #annoyed  

Some people need to learn to have some tact. Those types of comments have always bothered me. Put simply: IT’S RUDE!  What if you had just lost weight and have not reached your goal? What if you had just given birth? What if you have a medical condition?    – Diplomacy is thinking twice before saying nothing. –

Words are some of the most powerful and important things I know… Language is the tool of love and the weapon of hatred.  It’s the bright red warning flag of danger – and the stone foundation of diplomacy and peace.”

All I know for sure is that everyone has issues with their weight.  It doesn’t matter if they are thin or plump.   Don’t shake your head – you know its true.   You see one thing while society sees another. It’s a personal issue and struggle.  No one should judge you and make you feel bad.   Where do you draw the line?

I look in the mirror everyday and see my imperfections  – Forget The Straight  and Narrow I LOVE MY CURVES – I LOVE ME.   but I don’t need the constant  reminders, thank you very much.

Until tomorrow … Peace & Love xox

PS.  This topic will be continued …


2 thoughts on “OMG you are so FAT… SAY WHAT!?

  1. Tenemos que usar empatia, ponernos en el lugar de la otra persona. No herir a nadie con nuestras palabras. .
    Me gustó mucho, Continua escribiendo.

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