Prince Charming – Does he really exist?

We have all read the stories of Snow White, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty and have fallen in love with the Prince – he is handsome, charming, romantic, brave, courageous, honorable – simply perfect.  Is he really? How do you know?  Come on ladies – the fairy tale version of prince charming – the one who rides in on a white horse, rescuing the damsel in distress only exist in textbook.  

It’s been said, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet your prince.  Do you agree?  Yes,  I believe it’s called dating… LOL 😉  Don’t let a frog get away because you’re stuck in finding a fairy tale prince.  You will spend a lifetime searching for the man of your dreams.   Every body has a different version of what they believe is the perfect mate!  Some women might say they want a man who looks like ‘THE ROCK’ – ok bad example – lol 😉    You know what I mean.  Tall, dark, handsome etc etc.    He doesn’t need to look like ‘THE ROCK’ to be everything you have been looking for.  Give him a chance!

It’s easy for me to say because I’m not single. #sorry  If I was – im sure i would be singing a different tune. 😦  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to find a good man these days.   I’ve heard some horror stories.  It’s so sad but since im always the positive one – I do believe there is mate for everyone.  Stay positive, don’t try so hard, be yourself – learn to play the game.  You too are worthy of Prince Charming (the real kind-not fairy tale).

If you are married, what attracted you to your spouse?  Think about it for a second.  Was it his smile; his way with words; his charisma; his looks?   Is he perfect for you? #thinking   

Take a look at your man right now: (guess what!?) – He is, your Prince Charming (he may even look like a frog & is pro watching a game) lol 😉 .  This is the man you fell in love with.  He is the man you chose to live with happily ever after (your version of it).  Oh wait, happily ever after doesn’t exist because once you say “I do” everything changes.  Work, bills, stress, more bills, kids, family, more bills.  You get the point.    You can’t expect the man you married with his faults and quirks to change just because you have changed.  Don’t you know you can’t change anyone, you can only bring out the best or worst in them.  Stop trying to change your man and learn to love what you see.  Good men are hard to find and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I decided to write about this topic because it sickens me to hear some women complain about their man – when that’s all they do.  He doesn’t do this, he doesn’t that – he didn’t help me – he only watches TV, he doesn’t listen – blah blah blah.  What about the good things he does?   I’ve been married for almost 18 years and guess what girlfriend – my man doesn’t help much but I appreciate every thing else he does for me.  He is a great man, has a good heart, and have all the characteristics that I am looking for.  It would be nice to adjust some settings in his brain but why would I want a puppet?  I love a man who can be himself around me (even if I wished I can press the mute button sometimes), he doesn’t pretend to love the same things to make me happy.   It comes down to what I previously wrote in my Love & Marriage blog.  In marriage or any relationship, communication is key, learn to compromise.

On a different note, nothing last forever and sometimes the man you married 10 years ago isn’t the same man today.  People do change! We all do – it’s called getting older – becoming wiser.   If you are truly unhappy (& have done all you can) and believe your life would be better without him, then let go and move forward with your life.   Don’t leave him because you’re expecting him to chase you. (it never ends well) remember  YOU are the only person who can make you happy – don’t expect anyone make you happy.  

I don’t pretend to have a perfect marriage – God knows I don’t – I think I deserve an Oscar but ask my husband and he says he needs a trophy my size for all our years together (ass) LOL .  Every day is an adventure – good or bad.  We just make it work.  😉

I’ll leave you with this quote – The Notebook:

“So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me… everyday.”

So, are you married to your prince charming or still dreaming?

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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