Office Politics

I have learned through the years that office politics are natural, they’re an element of human nature that just can’t be avoided.  It doesn’t matter if you work for a company or have your own, you will always have to deal with it.   Office politics involves back stabbing, sucking up, gossiping, a person trying to get all the credit for the effort of everyone else and so on.  It’s never-ending.  

Let’s talk about my office.  I have been employed by KWE since 1996.  It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for my interview and yet it has been 15 years.  I have met many wonderful people and have seen many come and go to pursue different ventures or they just had enough.  It does happen…

I’ve  always wondered why is it so difficult to get along with the people you see and spend more time with than your actual family.   Why the drama?  Why the gossip?  Why the insecurity?  Some people need to learn to do their job 100% and not concern themselves with everyone else.  There is always that one person you just can’t stand and no matter what they do, you will always have something negative to say.  This person is usually the one who starts the drama and then walks away and leaves everyone on edge.   Who in your office is this person?

In a perfect world, every work place would be smiles and rainbows.  Guess what?  We don’t live in a perfect world and no one is perfect.   We are all different but it doesn’t mean that if you’re having a bad day to take it out on your co-worker because he failed to put the documents in the pending tray.  Treat others like you expect to be treated.    Kindness & respect go a long way.

  I am not going to sit here and pretend that I’m not  guilty  of participating in office politics – WE ALL HAVE – but here are two different ways to play the game – the right way and the wrong way.    I simply try not to take sides or take it personal.   I stay true myself, if I make a mistake I own up to it.  I don’t point fingers and try to blame someone else.   What would be great is to have an office meeting and see if anyone will have the courage to speak up?  I doubt it –  I have sat in many meetings where the word “Team Work” gets thrown around and everyone seems to agree but the minute the meeting is over.  RAWWRR  the claws come out.  🙂   In order to make a business successful you must work together – brain storm ideas – be open to change – continue to learn.

Everyday is a new adventure at my work place.  The men out rank the women and they are the bitches of the office. 😉  It’s like watching a movie – all I need is a bucket of pop corn and a glass of wine.   I laugh because I have known them for so many years and they have not changed or ever will.   They speak their own language – you should see them, its hilarious!  The bitching, the complaining, the whining – so sad really!  Some days I feel like I need a Xanax but for the most part I simply ignore them and do my job.

Until tomorrow’s adventure – Happy happy joy joy. xox


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