Friend or Foe?

What is a friend?  Do you know?   After reading the definition in the Merriam-Webster.  All I know for sure is that a friend is a noun. LOL 😉   Friends are there for each other in the good, the bad & the ugly. You don’t consider everyone a friend but you also don’t go around introducing a person as an acquaintance either.  You determine which category a person is as time goes by.

I recently experienced a “friend break-up” by email?  Yes, by email and it didn’t make any sense… What type of person does that?  Why would a person befriend you for so many years and end things on a sour note?  Were they a fake friend? Did they actually care and value my friendship?

It makes me question the entire friendship.  Actions speak louder than words!  I should have listened to some wise folks from the beginning.  :/  Oh well.. friends come and go or is the fake ones… lol

Feelings change, people change, memories don’t.  I will always those happy memories.

-When people walk away from you, let them go. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, but their part in your story is over.-   You live and learn.

Follow these simple rules to break up with a friend :


  1. Pick up the phone – talk it out
  2. Meet for coffee – talk it out
  3. Just talk it out


  1. Don’t send an email or text message without a valid explanation.
  2. Don’t ignore calls, text or emails.
  3. Don’t involve mutual friends/family.
It’s better to have closure then to wonder…. wouldn’t you agree!?
Until tomorrow….. xoxo

I’ll leave you with this quote: “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”  ❤ ❤


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